TO THE FIFTY is a series of studies that features information of World War II histories, narrative interviews, and data analyses of US allied prisoner of wars in European and Pacific theatre of war.   Using interactive dashboard technology, TO THE FIFTY, tells the stories of the Allied POW of World War II. 

Both volumes are available through PediaPress GmbH, Moritz-Hilf-Str. 26, Limbury an der Lahn, Germany.

An excellent example of an interactive dashboard by Neil Halloran of HigherMedia.

The first volume in the TO THE FIFTY series is a compilation entitled, "The Great Escape: Three to Freedom." 

The stories of Bergsland, van der Stok and Muller are featured.

The Fallen of World War II

The TO THE FIFTY series pays homage to the 50 Allied POWS of the famed GREAT ESCAPE.

Current research involves synthesizing over 200 personal narratives from Allied POWS. The examination will be in two parts to contrast the experiences of Allied POWS to Allied/American POWS.

Volume 2 catalogues the movies, documentaries. TV series from both Allied and Axis sides.